The Elite Young Professional


Workshop Series



The ELITE Young Professional (YP) Workshop Series will provide an opportunity to examine communication strategies, develop relationships, and connect with others.  The workshop will also provide a safe and inclusive space for young professionals to examine their own personal, professional, and aspirational values to assist them in developing themselves as authentic leaders.   


If you identify as a YP, then you are a YP!!

  • Can be delivered in four 90-minute small group workshops or one day live workshop

  • Guided strategies and conversations to create unique connections between participants

  • Interactive sessions with other epic professionals 

  • Lead trainer with over 10,000 hours of course facilitation

  • Insights on communication strategies to assist professionals in a variety of settings within the work place

  • Understand the value of networking and investing in your own stakeholders

  • Diverse and inclusive conversations with other YP's

  • Self assessments around personal value, intentions, and branding

  • Identify the value of relationship building to build your role within organizations


  • Ability to attend all workshops

  • Zoom capabilities with both video and audio (computer is best) - if delivered online

  • Positive and open attitude

5% of sales from Elite YP program will go to support the publication of three children’s books being written by Vicky Harrison, aka MOO (Mother’s Opposing Opioids):  Vicky, along with her husband and younger son, lost their older son/brother, Tyler, to an accidental heroin overdose on January 30, 2014.  The series of three children’s books, written for kids ages 4 to 8, educates children about addiction and its ramifications.  These books will help start the conversations with young children who are unable to comprehend the very real and sobering realities of a relationship with a parent that suffers from addiction.  The costs of illustrating and publishing are no small fee, thus the funds raised will provide Vicky the ability to broaden her outreach and to publish these potential life-changing books.