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What Fall Teaches Us

I was lucky enough to work with an amazing team in Colorado last week - and not only was I reminded of why I love the work I am privileged to do, I was also reminded of Fall. As a resident of Arizona, I don’t get to experience the Fall beauty like I did when I lived in North Carolina or Ohio. As I took a walk outside my hotel room this morning, I started think about Fall and how this charming season can give us valuable insight - so I will share my thoughts with you.

Change is Part of Life

Fall is perhaps the most obvious moment of change in many parts of the United States. Spring turns into summer and fall turns into winter, but the change from summer to fall is the most dramatic. Instead of the birth of new foliage, we experience the beginning of dormancy for plants and trees and the sweet smell of decaying leaves. And it’s notoriously beautiful. Change can be hard and painful, but it’s a natural part of life, and thanks to fall, we are confronted with this reminder annually.

It’s Good to Get Outside

Fall reminds us that we belong outside. Winter makes (some of us) rush indoors, and summer can feel oppressive (especially in Arizona), but fall welcomes us outside and makes us eager to enjoy our natural surroundings. Kenny (the husband) and I use this time to ride our motorcycles through beautiful terrains, to sit outside with friends, and to hike in nature. The smell of fall welcomes us to the great outdoors, and we must get our fill while the weather is perfect.

Beauty is All Around Us

Finally, fall shows us beauty at every corner. Whether in huge cities or in faraway towns, the sights of autumn are unmistakable. From falling leaves to cozy wool sweaters and warm, gingery drinks, beauty is everywhere you look. But if we forget to be on the lookout, we risk not noticing it. Remember to keep your eyes open to experience the best of the world!

These lessons fall teaches us hold true all year long, but we get so busy with work and life that we rarely stop to think about these ideas and to appreciate everything we have around us. This fall, I encourage all of us to connect to the changing world that surrounds us.

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