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You Are An Influential Leader - Embrace It

As many of you know, I have been on the road, a lot, working with teams. - I have loved every bit of interaction I have had with EVERY team and team member! Thus, I have so many emails/blogs to write for you after a two month road tour and ultimately being inspired by YOU!!

One of the topics I have fallen in love with presenting on, but also observing in others, is the topic of influence. As they say…with great power, comes great responsibility. Well, the same is true of influence. Shockingly, though (and I hear it during my professional values strategy used in team retreats), it can be difficult for most people to discover and comprehend just how much influence potential they have in their workplace, at home, or even in a room full of strangers.

Understanding our influence potential, is something we can do as leaders. Why? It allows us to grasp - and respect - the ability we have to impact others at work. And this impact shouldn’t be taken for granted! As leaders, we have an opportunity to shape and influence the way our employees and colleagues contribute to their projects and initiatives, and even connect with each other. - However, it’s also a lot to carry knowing how much others are looking to you for your influence.

Some ideas to keep in mind as you lead/influence:

What really counts when it comes to influence is adaptability, and your inclination to adjust your approach depending on who you’re speaking to or collaborating with. Remaining nimble in these situations allows you to tailor your leadership style accordingly, which goes much farther than simply being charming.

In another blog post I detailed the importance of being a good listener, and how to do so. This is one of the many ways you can continue to build upon your opportunities to influence and generate more trust among others. When your team can rely on your ability to listen and respect them when they have something to say, you’ll in turn benefit from having their trust when it’s your turn to lead a conversation. Active listening skills go a long way when it comes to influence in the workplace and beyond.

Another way to position yourself as influential is by making it clear that you are committed to your own growth and professional development. When others recognize your efforts to better your own skills and abilities within your industry and as a leader, it reflects well on you. Prioritizing continued development and growth to assist you in increasing your influence.

At the end of the day, it’s important to both foster influence and recognize the power that it holds. Influence is what enables you to truly lead people, especially when things get tricky or troublesome. In times of high stress or a busy season, your team wants to look to someone they can trust to right the ship while protecting the flock.

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