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Bringing those you respect most to the table for conversation, insights, and connection.

Outdoor Seating
Inclusive Planning
Transparency for Stakeholders
Accessible Participation
Diverse and Informed Participation
Authentic Intent of Engagement
Authentic Use of Community Feedback

Strategy sessions are built on the premise they will provide future growth and development for an organization and ultimately CREATE COMMUNITY for your agency and those you serve.  

In utilizing a facilitator/strategist to host your strategy session, you are providing a more transparent process, which develops trust from your stakeholders.  

Trust of stakeholders is just one key benefit of hosting an inclusive strategy session, but other benefits include participant satisfaction, accountability of decision making, preservation of culture, diverse perspectives, and valuable insight from the people who work for your agency and those you serve.

Contact Annie if you are interested in having her assist you in your strategy to CREATE COMMUNITY. EVERYDAY.

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