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Leadership Coaching, Culture Development, & Strategy Consulting

Bringing those you respect most to the table for conversation, insights, and connection.

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Intentional Collaboration Through Coaching & Consulting
Three ways to take a deep dive into your organization with Annie
Leadership by Design


Leadership by Design is an opportunity to identify a group of leaders within your organization to participate in a customized and highly intentional leadership development program.  Your organization would need a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 leaders per cohort to join this virtual coaching program with Annie for 3 months.  Leaders can all be from the same level of the organization or from varying levels.  


Each leader will participate in a 360 degree assessment in which they self assess and will also be assessed by their subordinates, peers, boss, and other superiors.  Each participant will be provided the following:

  • 360 degree assessment results.

  • Copy of Leadership by Design book.

  • One pack of Team Talk Cards.

  • One 90-minute coaching call to kick off the program, deliver 360 assessment results and set leadership goals.

  • Two 90-minute group coaching calls with their peers in the program.

  • Three leadership development courses (each 2 hours in length) - courses can be identified by organization - choices include Direction, Alignment, and Commitment; Conflict Unpackaged; Delegation is Leadership; Leading Through Change with Positive Influence;  Building Effective Communication Skills.

  • One 90-minute coaching call to close out program, assess goals and set sights on future.

For more information, please contact Annie directly.


Designing THE 

A Blueprint for Organizational Culture


Being standard implies conformity to a commonly accepted set of norms or specifications. In various contexts, being standard often means meeting the minimum requirements or adhering to a baseline level of quality. 

On the other hand, being THE Standard elevates an entity to a position of unparalleled significance and influence. It denotes not just compliance with norms but setting the benchmark that others aspire to reach. THE Standard implies a level of excellence that distinguishes a particular entity as the epitome of its kind, often serving as a reference point or yardstick against which others are measured. 

Designing THE Standard:  A Blueprint for Organizational Culture uses a five step framework to develop MEASURABLE standards and behaviors you feel represent a healthy culture for your organization.  Once you complete step one of the framework with Annie and have established what represents a healthy culture, Annie can assist you in identifying how to deliver and breath life into your cultural standards and ensure team members across the organization align with what makes you THE standard.  Consulting work can include:

  • Assessment of current values/cultural standards of the organization.

  • Development of measurable culture standards.

  • Identification of how to visualize THE standards throughout the organization.

  • Communication plan to ensure THE standards are part of everyday work life.

  • Strategically incorporating THE standards into the infrastructure of your organization.

  • Identify how THE standards will be celebrated by your organization/team members.

  • Assessment of current culture in regards to your newly identified standards.

For more information, please contact Annie directly.

by Design


Strategy sessions are built on the premise they will provide future growth and development for an organization and ultimately CREATE COMMUNITY for your agency and those you serve.  

In utilizing Annie as your facilitator/strategist to host your strategy session(s), you are providing a more transparent process, which develops trust from your team members and other stakeholders.  

Trust of stakeholders is just one key benefit of hosting an inclusive strategy session, but other benefits include participant satisfaction, accountability of decision making, preservation of culture, diverse perspectives, and valuable insight from the people who work for your agency and those you serve.

For more information, please contact Annie directly.

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