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Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

Effective change leadership is about leading people, not just processes. Successful change leaders can’t focus exclusively on results — they must support employees by removing personal and professional barriers to their success.

While formal change processes might be well understood, too many leaders neglect the all-important human side of change and fail to understand the stages people go through during a change.. The most effective leaders devote considerable effort to engaging everyone involved in the change. They also are mindful that people need time to adapt to change — no matter how fast-moving the change initiative.


This workshop focuses on communication, collaboration, and commitment to help ensure that you can align your team, peers, boss, and organization.


  • Participant workbook complete with content and guided practice exercises

  • Interactive sessions to have "real talk" 

  • Lead trainer with over 10,000 hours of course facilitation


  • Drive progress on a real change they are currently leading

  • Explore and manage their own change preferences

  • Understand and recognize the process of change and transition

  • Leverage the power of CCL’s 3 Cs of change — Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment

  • Identify and collaborate with stakeholders during change

  • Apply key lessons to any organizational change challenge


  • Can be live, virtual or hybrid

  • Ability to attend full workshop 

  • Zoom capabilities (if virtual) with both video and audio (computer is best)

  • Positive and open attitude

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