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Serving Those Who Serve Others

Annie Frisoli is the Founder & CEO of CREATING COMMUNITY, LLC.   Annie's mission is to serve those who serve others.  She upholds this mission by developing content on concepts related to leadership, innovation, teamwork, and community. 


Annie has an earned Master’s degree from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Recreation Management, is a Certified Festivals & Events Executive (CFEE), gaining her certification through the IFEA/NRPA Event Management School (where she is now a year-two instructor) and is also certified in Foundations of Design Thinking and has a Train the Trainer Certification in Experience Innovation.  Annie has worked with numerous teams in a variety of capacities including time spent with operations for the Volvo Car Open and the St. Louis Art Fair, she has acted as the non-profit development coordinator for the Alzheimer's Association, and has worked as a facilitator for strategy sessions for Memphis in May International Festival along with assisting BerryDunn consulting firm in developing their strategic goals. Finally, due to her 20 years as a university instructor, Annie is highly sought after by organizations to design curriculum for their employees.



Annie's journey to becoming Founder & CEO not only includes her unique combination of education and professional certifications, but also life experiences.  She has always enjoyed meeting and learning about people, and has also been honored with titles including wife, daughter, sibling, mentor, happy wanderer, coach, bartender, boxing instructor, 1st International Ambassador for the Canadian Hi-5 Run, best friend, and self proclaimed "baking strategist." All these experiences have ignited Annie’s profound interest in others and enjoys sharing knowledge on the impacts we can ALL have on the livelihood of teams, organizations, and communities.  We all have the ability to be CREATING COMMUNITY.  EVERYDAY.  

Annie, former multi-award winning university faculty member and current highly regarded international level conference speaker and trainer, with over 10,000 hours of facilitation, brings a balance of education and entertainment to her workshops, retreats, and keynote presentations.  Whether you want to build community among your team, your organization, or greater community, Annie is for you!

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