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Whoever said, "Nothing in life is free"- was wrong. 

If you know Annie, then you know she uses MANY interactive strategies to engage teams in effective and inclusive communication practices.  Here are just a few of her favorite strategies that assist in bringing all voices to the table, mitigate dominant personalities from "ruling" the meeting or discussion, and ultimately creating an open space for innovative conversations.  - And if you enjoyed using one of these strategies, Annie loves to hear about the experience, feel free to give her a call to share the success of your team.


Annie loves the Build. Barrier. Beyond. template when working with teams on a strategic planning, major projects, or significant changes within your organization - however this is a strategy anyone can implement to assist in kicking off big conversations.  

Connecting with Purpose.

Connecting with Purpose:  Preparing for Important Conversations is an excellent tool for you or for someone who is developing in their leadership.  Use this template to assist in gathering your thoughts prior to a big meeting, project announcement or change announcement.  The reflections you have in this template can help you formulate your delivery to those you lead and influence your team in a positive way.  

Love. Low. Learn.

Use the Love. Low. Learn. template to assist in conversations around “failing forward.” The template creates an opportunity for individuals and teams to discuss, What is it we can learn from tough experiences and how can we openly grow together, even during the "not so pretty" times. 

Team Talk Cards (FREE Strategy).

This is not a sales pitch (well maybe it is), but Annie has 52 of these interactive Team Talk Cards.  But before you go all in on a commitment, view six of the 52 questions along with a free interactive strategy to use with your team.  These are great to kick off a meeting, close a meeting, open up one-on-one meetings with those you lead, etc. - Teams that have used these cards repeatedly share with Annie how useful they have been to spark great work/team conversations!

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