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Cultivating Vision in Others - A Leaders Work Is Never Done.

Cheers to our last blog of 2022! Thank you for reading along this year!

Our last blog of the year was inspired by my friend, Dianna Lawrence. She works for the City of Richardson, Texas and is the Community Events Manager and an event genius! She posted the picture below with an excellent post on LinkedIn (for the full post, friend her HERE, she’s pretty cool).

As we enter the new year, it is often deemed (like Dianna said) as a great time to reflect. As leaders, we are not only reflecting on our own vision, but also of those we lead. We can take some time to sit with our latte and remember that our team members desire to be driven, cultivated, and invested in in order to achieve a greater purpose.

However, not everybody knows what they’re capable of, or how they’d like to develop over time. We as managers and leaders, can help them figure it out. It’s important we take time to consider their abilities, goals, and potential.

Co-Creating Vision With Others

Developing a vision and purpose for someone else can be tough and feel un-natural.

Thus, co-creating a vision with them can be an exercise in boosting morale and continuing to develop your relationship. A strategy I have team members experience in workshops is to have each individual write about what they identify as their strengths. - NOT JUST the strengths the job requires of them. Oftentimes jobs duties dictate what our strengths have to be, but really team members have much more to offer than what is required of the job. Once you hear what they identify as strengths, this will assist in building their vision and setting goals.

In addition to having your team members identify their strengths, you can provide support by asking yourself what skills you know they already possess? What interests they’ve acknowledged they’d like to pursue? What they feel good at (and bad at) when it comes to their work duties? Any other qualities that come to mind when reflecting on this person? It’s important for others to hear your perception of them and to provide affirmation (as mentioned in a previous blog) to assist in building confidence and ultimately co-creating a vision.

Cultivating Their Vision

Investing in your team’s members vision takes effort, but it also pays off. You can continue cultivating your vision for others by ensuring that you’re checking in with them regularly - don’t let their vision fall flat.

You can continue to look for opportunities that allow them to practice the skills they’d like to develop and work through challenges. In turn, your employees will feel invested in and cared for while contributing to the bigger picture.

As leaders, we carry much responsibility for others. Be sure to use this same strategy on yourself! Identify your strengths, ask others their thoughts on your leadership, and grab yourself a latte and set your vision - the world NEEDS your leadership!

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