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Give Yourself an Award: Knowing YOUR Leadership Value

I had the pleasure of working with amazing professionals in the state of Michigan this week.

When I looked around the room at conference, OR when I look around the room at any conference or training, I am inspired by the people I’m sharing the space with AND I am inspired by their drive to develop themselves as an even stronger leader.

However, there is something that happens with leaders when we are talking about their leadership - they often times will only tell me how amazing their team is or how amazing the people they serve are. Time and again I have to point out, THEY are a major part of why their teams and communities are so amazing.

Thus, my thoughts this week are to tell SO many of you, YOU are the value to your team and YOU are the value to those you serve - and give you permission to recognize yourself as a strong leader and to place focus on you. Here are a few suggestions you may enjoy to keep growing YOUR value:

Never stop learning

Attend workshops, read the latest literature, and learn from your team. To be the best, you have to stay on top of the latest methods and research. The information you learn makes excellent content for your email blasts! Remember—even the brightest leaders need to keep their swords sharp.

Stretch your leadership skills in new ways

An essential part of being a leader is the ability to step outside of your comfort zone. Seek out new opportunities that challenge you. Consider chairing a new committee or organizing a new event.

Be a mentor

Grow your own internal value while helping others increase their skills and self-esteem. Mentorship offers you a chance to work directly with your team members and is one of the fastest ways to increase trust and belonging in the workplace.

Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up

Leaders who surround themselves with other successful people are more likely to meet their goals and find happiness. One way to find like-minded people is to volunteer for positions where you’ll meet good contacts or feel free to call me, you know I love a good virtual coffee talk.

Find communities that will push you and challenge you

Talk to people you admire and find out which communities they belong to. Join a leadership community to get inspiration, like my Facebook group! It’s full of passionate leaders, ideas for growth, and information about the latest trainings.

Nominate yourself for awards

No, really, nominate yourself - OR I worked with a really great team and we would straight up ask each other to submit or we would strategize year to year to nominate someone from the team. It not only built up the individual, but also strengthened the team/organization, because when the person was recognized - so was the team.

Celebrate your accomplishments and give yourself a self-confidence boost. Talking about how you’ve benefited your community and organization makes your contributions more concrete.

Don’t be afraid to self-promote

People need to know what you’re doing. Write articles for magazines, send out emails blasts, and let other leaders know about your accomplishments. In addition to increasing your internal value, this enables others to view you as a leader they can trust.

Share resources with other leaders

A group of people without any leaders is just a group. A group of people with a leader becomes a team that works together to accomplish goals. You are that leader, and to be your most effective, you must support other leaders.

Let’s lift each other up and equip our circle with the tools for success. Share this blog with other leaders you know!

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