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I Lost My Direction

What the rain taught me about LEADERSHIP.

This weeks leadership lesson comes from a hike I took last weekend - intended distance was 3.5 miles, actual distance was closer to 5 miles (not by choice).

What happened during this hike? Due to the rain we have been getting here in Arizona, my usual trail - my what was an always familiar trail - had portions of it washed away - and I lost my direction.

As I was walking along, this normally familiar path, my “direction” signs were down and suddenly, what I thought was a familiar walk for me, I started to question - the rocks, trails and mountain peaks all started to look like each other and I had moments of unrest and literally arrived back to my car from a completely different direction than usual. Because my directional signs were missing or knocked down and some portions of the path were washed away, I believe I ended up taking the path meant for the mountain bikes (could tell by the cut outs in the path), instead of the path meant for hikers (which added the distance and me looking over my shoulder for bikes most of the time - ultimately creating a less than enjoyable experience).

As usual, throughout my hike, my mind goes to all of you - especially since, get this, the next workshop I have designed for you is Direction, Alignment & Commitment. So, I ask you on this fine Friday and what will be questions in the workshop:

  • What is the DIRECTION of your organization?

  • Who created this DIRECTION/VISION? Was it an inclusive process?

  • How believable is the DIRECTION you are heading in?

  • Is the DIRECTION you have imaginable, inspiring, realistic, flexible, clear, and compelling?

  • What has been the “rain” in your organization that has impacted your teams focus on the direction of the organization?

  • Have your direction signs been knocked down by some “rain” and what are you doing to have them put back up? Or are you going down the wrong path?

With that, I wish you a GREAT weekend! Click HERE for more information about The DAC workshop!!

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