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It's Not The Caffeine That Keeps Me Productive

Let’s think about productivity for a minute. Are there certain weeks when you’re more productive than others? Do you ever feel “burned out” and need to do something to refresh? I believe we all have ebbs and flows in our productivity, and there are certain ways we can recharge to make the most of our time.

I personally recharge by connecting with YOU all. I’m a people person through and through. However, when I’m not leading a workshop or spending time out in the field, I’m working alone. As a solo entrepreneur, the majority of my week is spent in my office, with only myself for company (and that can become a bit lackluster some days).

Except, I’m not really ever alone.

I connect with others whenever I can. And in order to make sure my battery never runs too low, I schedule at least one “Coffee Talk” a week (virtual or face to face). This practice keeps me connected to the people who inspire me, and it ensures that I never feel completely tapped of energy. You see, I feed off of THIS community, so I make a concerted effort to build this into my weekly schedule. I leave inspired and refreshed every time I connect with one of you!

Many of you may have a different situation. You may work with lots of people and for some of you, you may find that you need to do the opposite and schedule alone time to quiet all the noise of office life. Others may go out with the coworkers who make you feel positive and energetic, and others may need to find other non-work people to connect to. The important thing is to take note of your productivity and to find what motivates and inspires you.

Here are a few ideas to try out if “Coffee Talks” aren’t for you:

  • Take a few ten-minute walks in the middle of the workday (it has finally cooled off in Arizona for me to do this again).

  • Give yourself some zoning restrictions with technology, create 30 minute NO TECH ZONES

  • Practice giving compliments (aim for at least 4 a day) - I will give my four to you all now:

    • You all are champions in this world and I thank you.

    • Your work makes a difference EVERYDAY.

    • I like how organized your desk is today.

    • You look great in those sweatpants!

    • Schedule a weekly lunch date with your most inspiring friend or coworker.

    • Read a motivational book for at least 20 minutes each day.

What keeps you productive? Tell me your favorite methods or let me know if you want to schedule a Coffee Talk!

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